Milan, Italy

Fastweb Headquarters

GammaStone participates in one of the main development projects located in Milan, which involved the redevelopment of a historic industrial area, transforming it into a new management centre, dedicated to smart working and co-working. Symbiosis is not just an engineering project but it integrates sustainability with architecture. Offices, green areas and multifunctional spaces coexist to optimise and improve the quality of work and life in a new strategic vision of the city.

Exclusive and intelligent spaces are created with attention to the design and quality of the finishes, which adopt high standards and guarantee reduced maintenance costs over time. The innovative GammaStone Gres Air solution has been used for the exterior cladding of the new headquarters. The large windows of the building establish a connection between the indoor and outdoor environment. The choice of a neutral ceramic material for the cladding provides a touch of absolute modernity. The colour white, practical and undoubtedly refined, naturally adapts to the environment and refers to the concept of practicality that also responds to the current needs of the company's digital reality. GammaStone proves to live up to expectations and its product effectively projects itself into the design of the future.

Architectural Firm

ACPV Architects

An international collective that aims to nurture shared well-being through high-profile architecture. Founded in 2000 by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, the studio is currently enhanced by the creativity of over 160 professionals. From urban planning to residential developments, from corporate campuses to public and hotel buildings, each project by ACPV Architects embodies a new vision where nature and the noblest aspirations of man can find a renewed centrality.

Symbiosis - GammaStone

GammaStone Gres Air

The studio has chosen GammaStone Gres Air Kerlite Cluny Argerot panels as a functional coating solution with a high aesthetic value. A porcelain stoneware option of high quality and extraordinary performance. It is a sealed surface that can boast a very high air and water resistance.

Symbiosis - GammaStone

Max panels size

Symbiosis - GammaStone



Maximum dimensions

3200 x 1600 mm

121.06'' x 60.63'

Total thickness

14 mm


Ceramic thickness

3 mm


Panel structure

Symbiosis - GammaStone


Via Adamello, 11, Milan

Symbiosis - GammaStone