Gamma Wall - GammaStone

Gamma Wall

The plasterboard system with external finish in fully prefabricated GammaStone Air panels and laid directly on site between two reinforced concrete slabs

Unitized Façade - GammaStone

Unitized Façade

The cladding system that integrates perfectly with any panelled unitized façade

Stick Façade - GammaStone

Stick Façade

The cladding system integrates perfectly with any system of continuous façades with columns and stringcourses

Ventilated Façades - GammaStone

Ventilated Façades

The easy installation system that allows versatility in the architectural design of ventilated façades

Interior wall cladding - GammaStone

Interior wall cladding

The system to dry coat entire walls in a very short time and maximum safety

Ceiling Cladding - GammaStone

Ceiling Cladding

The lightweight, technological, safe and versatile cladding system: perfect for any environment

Fixing System

The mechanical and invisible fastening system that focuses on practicality and resistance

Gammastone for naval industry