Cutting-edge solutions,
timeless beauty

GammaStone is a leader in the creation of high-quality opaque enclosures in collaboration with the world's leading architectural firms

Lightweight panels integrated into
façade systems

Unitized façades, ventilated façades, cladding and false ceilings, all systems engineered and integrated with GammaStone Air panels

Marble, Granite, Travertine, UHPC, Brick,
the most beautiful finishes

Natural materials, material finishes, any structural surface with every customisation for the architect

Monolithic architectural elements,
pieces of art

Columns, string-courses and complex elements produced entirely in our factories and installed on the façade

Panels integrated into façade and cladding systems,
in natural marble and large formats

Our lightened panels are made from a variety of materials such as natural stone, porcelain gres, back painted glass, Ultra High-Performance Concrete and brick.
Resources have been used every day in our plants for over 50 years to test products and solutions that meet current design needs, hence the Air Technology certified quality.

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Air Technology

The patented GammaStone Air panels are produced by state-of-the-art 4.0 automated systems that allow the creation of lightweight panels in different large-format finishing materials up to 4200 x 1500mm.
The GammaStone Air panels for building claddings are extremely lightweight and have a very high resistance to impacts, bending and compression resulting from the use of innovative materials used in the aerospace industry.

Monolithic architectural elements

The main feature of the GammaStone Air system is the high level of machinability and flexibility of use; the panels are cut at different angles, welded and reinforced by metal structures forming a single monolithic architectural element able to meet the most varied aesthetic and functional needs of buildings. These unique elements allow us to produce columns, string-courses and any complex architectural form responding to any designer's request.

Solutions reserved for Architects

For GammaStone, each project is unique and is developed at the specific request of the Architect both from an aesthetic and structural point of view.
We conceive each activity to measure, with the aim of enhancing and realising at best the creative ideas of the Architect, absolute designer of their idea where our work is at their service.

Our Projects

GammaStone solutions are used by leading architectural firms around the world to create iconic projects. Hospitals, stations, shopping centres, residential complexes: any prestigious building where an opaque cladding is provided can involve our proposals.