and sustainable development

Our mission is to find ideal and innovative solutions
for spaces and people, for mankind and the environment


GammaStone stands out for its focus on environmental sustainability and its commitment to reducing the negative impact on the ecosystem. With a proven awareness for environmental issues, we work every day to ensure that our products and processes are as sustainable as possible. This is evident in the choice of recyclable materials and the adoption of technologies and practices that minimise environmental impact. We are proud to be a responsible company that looks to the future and works to create a more sustainable world for future and present generations. In our daily activity, we identify the best solutions to effectively optimise the development of spaces according to their inhabitants, in the same way, we take care of the environment with an eye to mankind's well-being.

Since the beginning of our history, with the introduction of patented technologies and new materials, we work on the concept of innovation with the goal
to increase the efficiency of production, without neglecting respect for the quality of life on our planet

In this context, we believe that the possibility offered by urban and local recovery plays a major role in our sector: so our work often focuses on the opportunity for reuse and redevelopment of existing buildings through GammaStone solutions, designed to bring new life and structural life even to buildings that need a clear renovation. Operating on buildings that have the need to change the skin for aesthetic or logistical reasons, such as the need to adapt to the new criteria related to energy saving, one of the most immediate and main results is zero land consumption.

Always committed to an operational perspective focused on sustainability, which aims to minimise our impact on the environment, we constantly choose to improve production to offer competitive and increasingly aware solutions. For this reason, in addition to the care in the selection of raw materials, we consider fundamental the way in which we have chosen to structure our production plant.

Sustainability - GammaStone
Sustainability - GammaStone

Thanks to the adoption of clean technologies powered by renewable energy sources, we offer solutions aimed at an increasingly sustainable economy