Richard Towers

Milan, Italy

Richard Towers, redevelopment of the façades

The redevelopment of the Richard Towers in Milan represents an excellent and innovative architectural project by BMS Progetti. The complex consists of 7 towers, in which GammaStone provides the façade, pillars and rope courses of the 18-storey Tower C with its lightweight Gres Air “Valmalenco Stone effect” panels and pre-assembled elements. The exclusively designed and customised corner solutions of the pre-assembled elements make this project unique and elitist. The façade system has a vertical wall motif that deals with the angular structural elements and flows into the top of the tower as a real crowning that allows integration with the marks of the brand of the company that will use the building.

The new façade consists of two elements, the full pillar and the window, which alternate with a regular rhythm to generate a constant horizontal modularity over the entire tower. This creates a wall surface, similar to the stone material, which pursues a simple design, made of few but meticulous details, in harmony with the nearby towers but simultaneously showing the desire for change and modernization. The partial demolition of the existing windowsills with the extension of the transparent part of the glazed façade leads to a high level of energy efficiency and comfort in the interior space.

Architectural Firm

BMS Progetti

BMS is a multidisciplinary design company founded in 1988. Leader in Italy in structural design since the early 1990s, it has begun a complex process of expanding the range of activities. Today the group is divided into three specialised divisions – architecture, structures and installations. Based in Milan, BMS Progetti operates throughout Italy and in numerous countries abroad.


GammaStone Gres Air

The surface used for the redevelopment of the exteriors of these buildings is the GammaStone Gres Air Valmalenco Stone Effect. This is a high quality porcelain gres solution.

Richard Towers - GammaStone

Max panels size

Richard Towers - GammaStone



Maximum dimensions

3200 x 1600 mm

121.06'' x 60.63'

Total thickness

16 mm


Ceramic thickness

5 mm


Panel structure

Richard Towers - GammaStone

Stick Façade

The GammaStone panels, assembled on the cell, also integrate perfectly with the façade's columns and stringcourses. The system can be installed with a frame carried over, or alternatively, it can be applied directly to the façade thanks to butterflies and pressers.

This system's performance in terms of thermal efficiency, sound insulation and water resistance is very high. Thanks to the sealing from the outside, it is also further guaranteed an incredible resistance to air and water.

Richard Towers - GammaStone
Richard Towers - GammaStone


Viale Giulio Richard, Milan

Richard Towers - GammaStone