Residential Building

Milan, Italy

Residential Building, Exterior Cladding

The residential building in Via Palermo, built in the historic centre of Milan, refers to post-war Milanese architecture and fits into the context by declaring its contemporaneity. It is characterised by large-format natural stone cladding and the peeling of the ground floor inclined towards the inside in contrast with the projection of the corner balconies inclined in a mirrored way towards the outside. GammaStone has collaborated with Studio Carlo Donati, which signs the project, providing the panels for the ventilated façades of the structure.

The building is characterised by bright apartments, thanks to the large windows and the slightly off-axis angular balconies, with construction systems oriented towards maximum sustainability. The ultra-light plates of GammaStone Natural Air in basalt and Peperino follow each other along the façade with extreme regularity, creating a perfect play designed specifically for joints and alternations. The black basalt stone base, interrupted by burnished brass profiles, accentuates the overhang of the volume above, while the wall on the road that slopes inward is covered by a bronzed micro-perforated sheet. The neutral black and grey tones of natural stones allow a contemporary compositional building, in contrast to the surrounding context, to be in line with the landscape from both a tonal and material point of view.

Architectural Firm

Carlo Donati Studio

The Studio is mainly focused on the design of exclusive homes, shops and resorts in Italy and in the rest of the world. The minimal approach to the project is always contaminated by chromatic and graphic suggestions inspired by the context. Each intervention is followed in all phases of realisation, from the development of the interior to the customised design of the furnishings. The search for new materials and new construction techniques becomes a continuous stimulus for the realisation of unique projects. The interiors are always enriched by stylistic contaminations and accurate material choices, which define their personality. The projects of the studio have been the subject of interest by the international press and have been published in the most influential magazines of interior and volumes of architecture in Italy and abroad.

Residential Building - GammaStone

GammaStone Natural Air

Studio Carlo Donati selected a combination of two different GammaStone Natural Air panels for this project. One in honed pepper, the other in bush-hammered and brushed basalt.

Residential Building - GammaStone

Max panels size

Residential Building - GammaStone



Maximum dimensions

3200 x 1500 mm

126'' x 59''

Total thickness

23 mm


Stone thickness

12 mm


Panel structure

Residential Building - GammaStone

Ventilated Façades

Our ventilated façades, the result of an intense research process, are a response to the widespread need for efficient thermal and acoustic insulation for homes and work environments. With structures and materials that, at the same time, guarantee an unalterable aesthetic beauty.

Residential Building - GammaStone


Brera Design District - Via Palermo, Milan

Residential Building - GammaStone