Libeskind Tower

Milan, Italy

Libeskind Tower, CityLife District

The well-known CityLife district in Milan is one of the largest residential-commercial districts in Europe and GammaStone is proud to be part of it. GammaStone solutions are located in the lobby and in several internal areas of the prestigious Libeskind Tower. The GammaStone Natural Air panels with the symbolic white Carrara marble form the emblematic pyramidal columns. Panels that fully satisfy Daniel Libeskind's design concepts for the tower. The project consists of different polygonal shapes with irregular thicknesses and angles, but once again GammaStone shows its capabilities and flexibility in challenging projects by providing intelligent solutions. The 3D volumes are positioned between the panels with a wood finish, which enhances the charm of natural stone.

Gammastone responds to the request of Archistar Libeskind. At the entrance of the Libeskind Tower in Milan, there are more than 500 monolithic three-dimensional elements with complex and variable geometry. Every element is cleverly designed to follow the style of the building. For this project our materials experts visited the quarry in Carrara and carefully selected the slabs that met our standards to be processed in our laboratories. The characteristics of the material create a homogeneous atmosphere between the columns and the geometric shapes. In addition, the design has been applied a magnificent aesthetic effect using wooden columns between the marble and opaque elements.

Architectural Firm

Studio Libeskind

Studio Libeskind is involved in the design and implementation of a wide range of urban, cultural and commercial projects around the world. The studio is a collaboration of architects and designers who believe that architecture is a practice of optimism. They argue that to make great places, you have to believe in the future, but also remember the past. The architecture of Studio Libeskind stems from the idea that a building should be expressive and reflect contemporary life. Innovation is at the heart of the design process. They believe that bold design must be realised with sustainable technology and that the art of architecture lies in creating maximum impact within the limits of budget and functionality.

Libeskind Tower - GammaStone

GammaStone Natural Air

The studio chose the GammaStone Natural Air Bianco Carrara Tipo C 6866 panels, made of natural stone with a honed finish and a thickness of 12 mm.

Libeskind Tower - GammaStone

Max panels size

Libeskind Tower - GammaStone



Maximum dimensions

3200 x 1500 mm

126'' x 59''

Total thickness

23 mm


Stone thickness

12 mm


Panel structure

Libeskind Tower - GammaStone

Interior wall cladding

GammaStone Air allows you to dry-clad entire walls very quickly, also leaving a gap between panel and masonry useful for the wiring of the rooms.The system's size is minimal. Thanks to the small thickness, the rooms' purpose is maximised and no useful space is subtracted from their livability.The system guarantees lightness, safe fixing system, high stability even in the presence of an obvious seismic risk.‎

Libeskind Tower - GammaStone
Libeskind Tower - GammaStone


Piazza Tre Torri, Milan

Libeskind Tower - GammaStone