Hudson Site

Detroit, USA

Hudson Site,

GammaStone contributes to the redevelopment of the Hudson Site in Detroit by providing the panels for the cladding of its interior spaces. The development on the former Hudson site will include offices, shops, restaurants, a hotel, rooftop lounges, event and meeting spaces, a gym with spa, houses and several parking lots. With a height of more than 200 metres, the tower will offer unique views of the city.
The structure, which was that of the J.L. Hudson department store, will now become a real catalyst for the continuous revitalisation of the city. The site aims to bring residents, commercial and cultural activities back to the city center. Once completed, the building will be a powerful tool to encourage the growth and renewal of civic pride, not only in the centre but in the surrounding communities and in the city and region as a whole.

Architectural Firm

SHoP Architects

Architects and innovators, craftsmen and problem solvers, highly qualified specialists who share the will to anticipate and design the future. With these characteristics, the SHoP Architects studio has set up the redevelopment project of the Hudson Site. Not only that: their interdisciplinary staff is demonstrating, on sites around the world, that intelligent and evocative design is possible while taking into account real-world constraints.

Hudson Site - GammaStone

GammaStone Natural Air

For the this structure's interior furnishing, a combination of two magnificent GammaStone products was chosen: the Absolute Black Granite with a leather finish and the honed Classic Roman Travertine.

Hudson Site - GammaStone

Max panels size

Hudson Site - GammaStone



Maximum dimensions

3200 x 1500 mm

126'' x 59''

Total thickness

23 mm


Stone thickness

12 mm


Panel structure

Hudson Site - GammaStone

Interior wall cladding

GammaStone Air allows you to dry-clad entire walls very quickly, also leaving a gap between panel and masonry useful for the wiring of the rooms.The system's size is minimal. Thanks to the small thickness, the rooms' purpose is maximised and no useful space is subtracted from their livability.The system guarantees lightness, a safe fixing system and high stability even in the presence of an obvious seismic risk.‎

Hudson Site - GammaStone
Hudson Site - GammaStone


Woodward Avenue, Detroit

Hudson Site - GammaStone