Palm Desert, USA

Gucci Boutique, Luxury Exteriors

Gucci, the Italian fashion house and one of the leading brands in the world with more than 300 stores around the globe, has chosen GammaStone Natural Air for cladding its headquarters in California. Given its wide and varied range of collections inspired by the elegance of natural marble, GammaStone solutions have been chosen for the exterior of the luxurious store in Palm Desert. The timeless beauty of Calacatta Gold marble with its elegant grain is enhanced by the performance of our Air Technology. The panels, thus, reshape the exterior helping to create a truly sophisticated environment.


GammaStone Natural Air

The surface that covers the exterior of the structure is the magnificent marble of the GammaStone Natural Air Calacatta Gold panels with a honed finish, a choice with a timeless charm that compliments the Gucci brand.

Gucci - GammaStone

Max panels size

Gucci - GammaStone



Maximum dimensions

3200 x 1500 mm

126'' x 59''

Total thickness

17 mm


Stone thickness

6 mm


Panel structure

Gucci - GammaStone

Ventilated Façades

Our ventilated façades, the result of an intense research process, are a response to the widespread need for efficient thermal and acoustic insulation for homes and work environments. With structures and materials that, at the same time, guarantee an unalterable aesthetic beauty.

Gucci - GammaStone


Palm Desert, CA

Gucci - GammaStone