Coop Arona Center

Milan, Italy

Coop Arona Center, Building Renovation

This project on Milan for the Coop Arona Center represents an impeccable renovation of an old building that fits perfectly into an urban context near the city centre. This restyling demonstrates the high flexibility of using GammaStone Glass Air panels. The timeless beauty of the glass gives majesty and elegance to the building. The GammaStone Glass AIR panels are segmented and alternated giving a continuous movement to the entire façade. The result is a visual effect of absolute relevance, which gives dynamism from every angle and perspective. Referring to the wave with an idea of modern line design, which goes from Via Arona to Corso Sempione.

The sinusoidal shape and the curved angle are the project's main character. The idea of performing it using only one colour, which improves the continuity of the layer material, should be well considered. Optical white with a mirror finish follows a unique architectural line but at the same time highlights the note and irrefutable Coop sign with bright tones.

Architectural Firm

Guidarini & Salvadeo Associate Architects

Guidarini & Salvadeo is an architectural firm founded in Milan by Stefano Guidarini and Pierluigi Salvadeo. Both born in 1960, the two designers graduated in Architecture from the Politecnico di Milano and then continued their careers with important architects of the Italian landscape. The studio conducts design research that interprets in a contemporary key some of the settlement and figurative features of Milanese architectural culture related to the themes of public residence, socio-health architecture, up to the relationships between cities and commercial spaces.


GammaStone Glass Air

For the building's restyling, the GammaStone Glass Air Signal White and Cobalt Blue, RAL 9003 and RAL 5013 panels were selected.

Coop Arona Center - GammaStone

Max panels size

Coop Arona Center - GammaStone



Maximum dimensions

4200 x 1500 mm

165.35'' x 59.06''

Total thickness

17 mm


Glass thickness

6 mm


Panel structure

Coop Arona Center - GammaStone

Ventilated Façades

Our ventilated façades, the result of an intense research process, are a response to the widespread need for efficient thermal and acoustic insulation for homes and work environments. With structures and materials that, at the same time, guarantee an unalterable aesthetic beauty.

Coop Arona Center - GammaStone


Via Arona 15, Milan

Coop Arona Center - GammaStone