Cavendish House

Norwich, United Kingdom

Cavendish House, Façade Integration

Simple design and pleasant cityscape go hand in hand with quality of life. This is the vision that inspires the Cavendish House project in Norwich, UK. The harmonious integration of the old brick structure and the new ventilated façade composed of GammaStone panels was guaranteed by the rational shapes of the building and the solemnity of the stone (limestone grey Jura). Thanks to its patented foaming technology, GammaStone has achieved significant results in terms of material continuity in this façade system. In other words, the panels installed in the façade are large, despite the considerable weight of the natural stone used for this project.

In addition, the quality of the finish has made it possible to overcome the technical problems deriving from the high dimensional disparity between the elements of many corners of the façade. Surprisingly GammaStone has realised non-monolithic corners of great aesthetic effect simply by combining the different elements and providing a separate anchorage to the support structure for each element.

Architectural Firm

Hudson Architects

They design practical, beautiful and sustainable buildings and spaces that complement and enhance the surrounding environment. The goal is to achieve the highest standards of design potential in each project and, with the contribution of the studio's work, provide added value to the environment. They are characterised by their boldness in maintaining their commitment to sustainable architecture. They make responsible and informed decisions to create healthy, energy-efficient buildings that improve their environment.

Cavendish House - GammaStone

GammaStone Natural Air

Hudson Architects selected GammaStone Natural Air panels in Jura Limestone Grey for this façade implementation. A solemn and elegant natural stone.

Cavendish House - GammaStone

Max panels size

Cavendish House - GammaStone



Maximum dimensions

3200 x 1500 mm

126'' x 59''

Total thickness

17 mm


Stone thickness

6 mm


Panel structure

Cavendish House - GammaStone

Ventilated Façades

Our ventilated façades, the result of an intense research process, are a response to the widespread need for efficient thermal and acoustic insulation for homes and work environments. With structures and materials that, at the same time, guarantee an unalterable aesthetic beauty.

Cavendish House - GammaStone

United Kingdom

90 Recorder Rd, Norwich

Cavendish House - GammaStone