Residence Inn - Buffalo, NY



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The renowned Marriott chain offers a modern concept of welcoming its customers. The essential lines and measured proportions of the building are a spokesman of sobriety and balance. This "Hotel Restyling" is signed GammaStone AIR: starting from the architectural design and continuing with the covering of the entire fašade thanks to ultralight and large GammaStone Gres AIR panels (up to 2800mm). The realization of recurring monolithic elements characterize the entire fašade and together with the singular slotted ceiling for the insertion of LED lights, give modernity and minimalism to the project. This lack of excess labels the Hotel effectively as one of the most sought-after of the area and suitable primarily for business travelers. Stone-effect porcelain gres is clearly not a random choice because it has been specially designed by the designer to bring the entire renovation back to the principle of aesthetic functionality without neglecting the robustness of the materials involved. Residence Inn by Marriott in Buffalo makes a stylistically winning choice and GammaStone AIR once again manages to give the right personality to the final result, taking full advantage of the potential that has always distinguished this revolutionary product.