Railway station - Matera - Italy




In Matera, the Trani Stone between tradition and innovation.

Redesigned by the Archistar Stefano Boeri, the building renovation project through aesthetic and functional redevelopment, as well as technological and railway adaptation of the existing train station of Matera, the Stones city, intends to restore greater visibility to the Matera Central Station FAL, a real important urban reference point, suitable for the primary urban and territorial function that the new service aspires to fulfill. The New Station is designed to become a recognizable public space, a place that represents the first image that a visitor has when he arrives in the city. The large wall of Trani Stone panels and therefore the stone of the territory that rises from the underground to the ground floor and incorporates the building of the new station, is of Gammastone Natural Air. The new Matera station once again shows the capability of the GammaStone Natural AIR panels to adapt to urban contexts that are strongly characteristic from a historical and landscape point of view.