New Apple Store by Norman Foster

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Milan, italy

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The new Apple Store will have an open space for cultural events to be enjoyed by the public, thereby benefitting tourism and bringing positive effects for local employment.
Yesterday (16th May 2017) the Cupertino-based company unveiled Archistar Norman Foster’s project for one of the most innovative and technological Apple Stores in the world.
The project involved a lowering of the central section of Milan’s Piazza Libertà and the creation of an amphitheatre open to the public intended for the holding of cultural events. The amphitheatre, a series of descending steps, will represent the heart of the square and will share the same level as another intermediate level space between the square and the store beneath.

At the back of the amphitheatre there will be a glass window screened by a waterfall which will indicate the entrance to the store at a depth of 3.24 metres below the level of the square. The store will also be accessible by a staircase built within the so-called “Portal”, a fully glazed structure with two water tanks on either side as well as two flights of stairs either side of the arena steps and a lift located in the square above to ensure accessibility to the store for all. In addition, the interior spaces that currently host the Apollo cinema will be completely renovated including the flooring and the repositioning of the adjacent grills in Via San Paolo as well as the planting of a number of trees.

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