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Honey / dove grey Gammastone Gres AIR and blue distant Gammastone Glass AIR panels

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“Museo paleontogico dell’Astigiano” is a clear example of how the skillful reuse of the interior spaces give a new guise and brightness to the subterranean rooms in a sixteenth century building originally belonged to the Jesuit order.

In this context the architect has had the capability to integrate the traditional brick barrel vault supported by couples of round arches, with the innovative Gammastone Gres Air panels in honey and dove grey. Its chromatic variation, and the disposition of the expositive panels, obtain a leading role in the design of the interior space, catching visitors attention.

The workability of the Gammastone panels consented, at the same time, the perfect integration of the electrical system through the creation of shaped slot to insert the socket boxes in.

Back-lacquered Gammastone Glass panels (shiny finish), decorate another exhibition space showing light and elegance also thanks to the creation of monolithic glass angles of high aesthetic quality. The remarkable finish of the corners enhances the delicacy and the luminosity of glass while ceramic monolithic corners confer to the other spaces order and elegance.

Luglio 2016