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GammaStone NATURAL AIR - Santafiora Chiara

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Once again GammaStone faced the challenge of school building in the UK. In order to preserve the continuity of the landscape in Huddersfield, the Greenhead College project was carried out with Santafiora natural stone. Even if it comes from the quarries of the Tuscia and of the Maremma laziale, Santafiora stone is really similar to local traditional stone used in West Yorkshire.

Its strength and the ease of processing such natural stone allowed us to meet the needs of clients that, in order to incorporate the facade in a building with brick elements, required to achieve a large amount of pieces of different little sizes.

This project allows us to highlight the application flexibility of GAMMASTONE AIR panels. In fact, despite the large size of the slabs and the monolithic elements are two relevant strengths of the panels, these are also suitable to satisfy this type of design requirements.

Ottobre 2016