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GammaStone NATURAL AIR - Jura Limestone Grey

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Simple design and pleasant urban landscape go hand in hand with the quality of living. This is the vision inspiring Cavendish House project in Norwich UK. The harmonious integration of the old brick structure and the new ventilated facade made up with GammaStone panels has been guaranteed by the rational shapes of the building and by the solemnity of the stone (Jura limestone gray).
Thanks to its foaming patented technology, GammaStone achieved significant results in terms of continuity of the material in this fašade system. In other words, the panels installed in the fašade are really large, despite the considerable weight of the natural stone used for this project.
Moreover the quality of the finish has allowed to bypass the technical problems deriving from the high dimensional disparity between the elements of many corners of the facade. Remarkably GammaStone realized non monolithic corners of great esthetic effect simply combining the different elements and providing a separate anchorage to the support structure for each element. A further peculiar feature of this facade comes from the natural stone that contains within the fossils of some ancient marine organisms. Those fossils are visible in some parts of the fašade, making this building even more exceptional and unique all around the world.

Giugno 2016