”Vertical Forest” City in China

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Liuzhou Forest City

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Italian architect Stefano Boeri has unveiled plans for a city near China’s Liuzhou, featuring towers completely covered in trees and plants to combat air pollution.

The Liuzhou Forest City will feature nearly 40,000 trees and almost one million plants, comprising 100 different species. The greenery is designed to trail over balconies and the roofs of a series of skyscrapers spanning 175 hectares along the Liujiang river, in the mountainous area of Guangxi.

Liuzhou will provide homes for 30,000 across a variety of residential areas, and include commercial and recreational spaces, two schools and a hospital. The architect estimates that the greenery will absorb nearly 10,000 tonnes of CO2 and 57 tonnes of pollutants per year, while also produce approximately 900 tonnes of oxygen.

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